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5 tips for a happier holiday season

Happy holidays! Happy 'getting stressed out, trying to do too many things and please everyone' season. Oh, wait. That's not promising.

Maybe this is the year to mix it up a little and make the holidays a little easier.

Forget perfection
Sometimes gingerbread men will be missing a limb. The tree may have a bald spot. The kugel may not taste exactly like your grandma’s. Know what? None of it matters. Decide what's truly important to you over the holidays, and focus on that.

Enlist help
Once you drop the desire for Norman Rockwell levels of perfection, it gets much easier to ask for help and delegate tasks.

Kids can sign the names and address holiday cards. Wrap gifts in plain brown paper and kids can stay occupied decorating with crayons and ribbon.

Stick to a budget
Much of the holiday stress people feel can be attributed to money woes. Make a list and check it twice, making sure the gifts you choose are within your budget reach. And when you're tempted to overspend, rememb…

November is Military Family Appreciation Month


Massage and Anxiety


Hug (and massage!) Your Hound Day! September 14th

Did you know that September 14th isNational Hug Your Hound Day?
It is.  And while I am all for a day dedicated to the greatness of dogs, the truth is these companion animals are so good to us, and good for us, I think that they really deserve to be celebrated every day.
Archaeological and genetic evidence indicate that our canine companions evolved from wolves.  Over tens of thousands of years, the individuals best suited to living amongst us – those who had a taste for our food scraps, who were not too afraid approach us, and who were best able to trigger our affection – selectively passed on their genes, thereby strengthening those traits.  Later, once dog-human companionship was established, humans took active control over their breeding to develop traits that made dogs even more sociable.  Other dogs were bred to help us herd animals, or to hunt.  Humans and dogs became interdependent.
Dogs – and the wolves they descended from – are profoundly social animals.  To survive and thrive t…