Compliment your mirror (That's YOU!)

That’s right, your mirror reflects how beautiful you are!
It might sound cliche to encourage you to embrace your beauty (inside and out), but July 3rd is National Compliment Your Mirror Day… it’s practically required that you acknowledge your beauty, at least for one day.

Try these simple tips to take steps toward accepting yourself and celebrate Compliment Your Mirror Day.

Look at yourself
That’s the nuts and bolts of this holiday. Every time you walk past a mirror, take a moment to look at yourself. Really look at yourself - without judgement.

Focus on the positive
What is your favorite part of your body? What part of your personality makes you happy? Focus on your strengths. 

Wear your favorite color
Whether it’s a swimsuit or shade of lipstick, wear a color that makes you feel alive, comfortable in your skin, and makes you shine.

Buy or repaint your vanity
Having a special place designated just for you, complete with pretty decor (or an inspirational quote that speaks to your personality), will give you space to reconnect with yourself, especially if you’re toting a full schedule.

Take a time out
Show some self love by scheduling a massage , a facial, or a day at the spa. You’ll appreciate how great you feel after.

See? One day is not so hard, right? What would it look like - how would you feel about yourself - if you tried one or two of these simple acts every day? 


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