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First massage? What to expect:

Even the most enjoyable experiences can be pretty stressful, particularly the first time we try them. And of course most of us don't like being the "new kid on the block"  So here's a brief  "peek" into a typical massage session designed to calm some of those first time jitters.  The Intake Interview If this is your first massage ever or your first massage at Tranquil Escape , please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete an intake form. The intake form is used to document your current state of health and gives your informed consent to receive massage therapy. You will have a brief interview before your massage to discuss your goals for the session, any condition that may affect your massage and specific areas of your body that you want (or don't want) included in your session. Sharing your goals will allow me to customize the session to your needs.  The Massage Session I will leave the room to give you time to disrobe. Take off only as much cl