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3 random acts of kindness

February 9 starts International Random Acts of Kindness Week . Their website is packed with great ideas on how to celebrate, and I especially love the approach of committing a random act of kindness for three different people: ●      Someone you don't know ●      Someone you know ●      Yourself Someone you don't know This are pretty simple and can quickly become a habit. (That's a good thing!) Smile. When you're in a depressingly long line at the bank, watching a parent deal with their toddler's public meltdown, or sitting next to another car in traffic. A kind grin goes a long way when you're feeling a bit hopeless about the daily hassles in life. Someone you know Take a moment to think about who in your life may be a little touch-deficient. Maybe you know someone who is recently widowed, a single parent with older children, or a new empty-nester. Maybe even a young teenager in an especially introverted stage of awk