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The Physiological Effects of Monthly Massages

S ure, it feels great to pop in and see a massage therapist every now and then. It’s a great way to pamper yourself and relieve stress during a particularly crazy time. Self-compassion and the idea of splurging on yourself for once, otherwise known as “ Treat Yo-Self, ” means that it’s actually really great for you to spend a little time on self-care. However, have you considered regular, monthly massage appointments? Besides having one day set aside each month, to treat yourself with a relaxing spa session, you will actually start to see some physiological effects of regular massages as well.   Here are a few short-term, and long-term ways you may start to notice your monthly self-care trip is benefiting your health. After Three Months of Routine Visits to Your Massage Therapist: Lowered Anxiety and Stress Levels: Even after your first massage, you will start to notice that you feel more relaxed, which can be a major plus if you suffer from stress and anxiety . When our bod