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How Massage Therapy Can Help Recreational Athletes

LeBron James regularly sees a massage therapist to improve the jump in his jump shot. Soccer star Megan Rapinoe counts massage therapy as a crucial part of her all-too-necessary recovery regimen to allow her muscles time to heal after a hard day of training or a tough game. And remember those round red marks on Michael Phelps ? Professional athletes often work with massage therapists before, during and after training and competition. While you may not get a paycheck for completing your favorite workout or playing on a rec league team regular massage therapy can benefit your training and well being. While Training It’s normal for new aches and pains to pop up when you start a new activity. More aches may present themselves as you work to increase your endurance and strength. Regular massage can help you stay ahead of any issues that could slow down your training. Massage therapy keeps you in touch with how your body feels so you can adjust your training as needed and stay